Who Am I?


I am a seasoned copywriter with over 10 years of experience in retail merchandising and 8 years in consumer product marketing. I have written copy for websites, blogs, product packaging and marketing materials in support of new product launches for both established companies and startups. I love writing and while I've had the pleasure of writing consumer-facing copy across a variety of industries including consumer electronics, wellness, adult toys and wearables, I am especially proud of the niche I've built in the cannabis industry.

I've written for Weedguide.com, DOPE Magazine, the East Bay Express, Hearst Bay Area, HelloMD.com, Tile, Bloom Farms, PAX, myCharge and many others. Be sure to check out some of my work!

How Am I Different?

I love what I do.

As a child I wrote in my journal every day.
As a tween I wrote letters to pen pals around the world.
As a teenager I weaved fantasy stories about celebrity crushes.
As an adult I used writing as a means of therapy.
As an NYC transplant I wrote blog posts to share my adventures.
And as a product marketer I write everything to support the brand.

I'm energized by the challenge of finding the right words.
Because for me, writing is a passion as much as it is a tool.

Consumers don't just want goods and services, they want experiences - I use words to help create those experiences. And the way I approach every project is simple: I listen. By learning more about you, your competition and your business, I'm able to write as your brand.

Photo by Sheila Menezes

Why Haven't You Emailed Me Yet?

The only way to know if I can help you is to reach out - Let's talk!